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Created in March 2006, the Centre for Studies in Integration and Development (CINDES) is a research institute that seeks to contribute to the deepening of the debate about the relations between Brazilian development and its international integration. Since then CINDES has consolidated as a policy-oriented studies centre that analyses Brazilian foreign economic policy, its positions and interests in different negotiation fora, the evolution of the global scenario and its impacts on the country's economy and policies.

Through its studies, research and seminars, CINDES establishes itself as an independent think tank. In our view, Brazil's international insertion should be guided by the following values:


  • Promotion of an open economic and political international environment, compatible with the sustainable development paradigm;
  • Support for Brazil's growing involvement in issues of global governance and in the international cooperation initiatives focused on the production of global public goods and the consolidation of a multipolar world order;
  • Support for Brazil exercising a responsible leadership in Latin America through the promotion of a broadened economic agenda (trade, investments, infrastructure and climate change); and
  • Defense of human rights and representative democracy.



CINDES works alongside a network of organizations and specialists in Brazil and abroad, developing studies and research lines, organizing seminars and meetings and disseminating information on integration and social and economic development.


CINDES's Research Areas:

- South America
- Trade and Sustainable Development
- Brasil and the Global Economic Agenda
- Trade, Politics and Commercial Negociation




Board of Directors

Sandra Polónia Rios
Pedro da Motta Veiga
José Tavares de Araujo Jr.
Roberto Magno Iglesias



Advisory Board

Carlos Mariani Bittencourt
Eduardo Augusto Guimarães
João Paulo Veiga
José Augusto Fernandes
José Serrador
Marcelo de Paiva Abreu
Pedro de Camargo Neto
Ricardo Markwald
Rubens Ricupero





Associate Researchers

Adilson de Oliveira
Eduardo Augusto Guimarães
Eduardo Viola
Leane Cornet Naidin
Marta Castello Branco

Letícia Patiño Borges