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Projects, Publications and Events - 2006-2010 Download
por CINDES, Jan 2011
Brevíssimos CINDES 19 - Energy security in South America: the role of Brazil Download
por Adilson de Oliveira, Set 2010
Breves CINDES 41 - On the (bumpy) road to Seoul Download
por CINDES, Nov 2010
Brevíssimos CINDES 18 - Food security policies in developing countries: implications for trade and regional integration Download
por Pedro da Motta Veiga, Jul 2010
Brevíssimos CINDES 17 - Brazil, India and China (BICs) in the Doha Round: convergences and cleavages Download
por Marta Calmon Lemme, Leane Cornet Naidin e Maria Fernanda Gadelha, Ago 2010
Brevíssimos CINDES 16 - Brazilian industrial policy in the Lula administrations Download
por Mauricio Canêdo-Pinheiro, Ago 2010
Brevíssimos CINDES 15 - The Brazilian trade policy: new motivations and trends Download
por CINDES, Ago 2010
Brevíssimos CINDES 14 - Antitrust and protectionism: Brazil's recent experience Download
por José Tavares de Araujo Jr., Ago 2010
Brevíssimos CINDES 13 - BICs (Brazil, India and China) and climate change negotiations Download
por Eduardo Viola e Haroldo Machado Filho, Ago 2010
Brevissimos CINDES 12 - Social and environmental certification - institutional arrangements and impacts on Brazilian commodities? Download
por João Paulo Cândia Veiga e Pietro Carlos Rodrigues, Ago 2010