Katarina Pereira da Costa

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Katarina Pereira da Costa pesquisadora do Centro de Estudos de Integrao e Desenvolvimento (CINDES). Economista, com mestrado pela Universidade Federal Fluminense, j atuou como pesquisadora do Instituto de Pesquisa Econmica e Aplicada IPEA (Rio de Janeiro). especialista em temas relacionados a Economia Internacional e Comrcio Exterior.

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Adilson de Oliveira

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Adilson de Oliveira has a degree in Chemical Engineering at USP (1969), with a post graduate degree in Business Administration at FGV-SP (Fundação Getúlio Vargas, 1972), with specialization in Energy Saving awarded by the Economic and Legal Energy Institute, at the University of Grenoble, France (1976) and a PhD in Economic Development by the same institution (1977). Began his career teaching at the Engineering Post-Graduate Program at UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), being one of the creators of the interdisciplinary course in Energy (nowadays the Energy planning program). In 1992, moved to the Economic Institute at UFRJ and created the Energy sector, where his still lectures. Throughout his career, Adilson de Oliveira published various papers in national and international specialized journals and as a consultant; he worked for several international organizations. From 1999 to 2001 he coordinated an international research network that developed the Reform of the Energy Industries (in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America), financed by the European Union. During the reform of the electric sector, Adilson de Oliveira was a consultant for the Ministério de Minas e Energia (MME) and he most recent activity was consulting a national program called Programa de Mobilização da Indústria do Petróleo e do Gás Natural (Prominp).




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Eduardo Viola

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Eduardo Viola is a professor at the International Relations Institute at the University of Brasilia (UNB) since 1993. He was a visiting professor at several universities, including Stanford, Texas, Amsterdam, Colorado and Notre Dame. He is a member of several national and international scientific committees. He is the author of 5 books, 40 book chapters and 75 articles published in specialized journals in various countries. The main themes include: Environmental Policy, International Climate Change Policy, The International System in the Anthropocene and Brazilian Foreign Policy. In addition he supervised more than 80 dissertations in masters and PhD programs.




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Leane Cornet Naidin

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Leane Cornet Naidin has a degree and PhD in economics, awarded by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She has expertise in the field of trade defense and trade policies. She is an adjunct professor in the International Relations department at PUC-Rio. She is a researcher at the BRICS Policy Center in Development Center, Trade, Finance and Investment. Was once coordinator at the National Trade Defense Committee of the Mercosur and representative of Brazil's Foreign Trade Secretariat WTO negotiations, FTAA and Mercosur. She served as Panelist of the World Trade Organization in trade disputes and in the trade defense area. She also is part of the Brazilian Expert list under the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the Preferential Trade Agreement between Mercosur and India and acts as an economic consultant in international trade in commercial and defense policy issues.




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Marta Castello Branco

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Marta Castello Branco is an independent consultant, specialized in macroeconomic policy and development. Marta holds a PhD in economics from Princeton University (1986) and a M.A in economics from PUC-RJ (1981). Her work experience includes a long career at the IMF, focused on program lending, country macroeconomic surveillance, and technical assistance, spanning several countries/regions.

Following retirement from the IMF, Marta took a position as adjunct professor at Georgetown University, where she designed and delivered a masters course on the economic transformations in the post-communist region and the impact of globalization in the transition process. At the same time, she became a consultant and fellow of CINDES-RJ, authoring briefs on the policy positions of the BRICS in the G20 group and on alternative scenarios for the post-crisis global economy. As a consultant and fellow of CASE (Center for Social and Economic Research), she served on a team of research network policy experts and carried out quality control of CASE reports. As a consultant for Prague-based OGR Research, she recently completed an EBRD-financed project to strengthen monetary policy implementation capacity in selected developing countries.

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